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Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing

Every dollar you spend or invest has an impact on the world and your community. Sustainable and Responsible Investing (commonly known as SRI) is about making financial and investment choices that are in alignment with your positive social, environmental, ethical and spiritual values, while also making competitive investment returns. Every investment is considered first for its financial return potential, yet the financial return is not the only metric for success. The investing process includes considering factors such as environment, the people, the communities, the climate, biodiversity and a host of other important issues.

This concept took one step further and has become known as impact investing. The theory of impact investing lies in the efficiency of the private sector as the driver for innovation and social impact of projects. Rather than donating to charitable organizations without the expectation for a return, the practice of investing in companies or bonds that have a social impact in a community creates the necessary incentive for companies to use these resources as efficiently as possible and therefore deliver the greatest social impact achievable.