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How Greg Works

Greg and his team help clients navigate the complex world of money and investing by creating customized solutions that meet their specific needs for all levels of investors, from families to institutional. Our approach is to act as a wealth coach to help our clients to see beyond the numbers and look at the money in the context of their lives and their heartfelt values.

Fees, Accounts and Portfolio Management

Greg’s clients pay a pre-determined fee for his service; either an annual retainer or a percentage of their assets being managed. In this way he and his clients have the same goals: to help increase his clients’ net worth and achieve their overall investment objectives. Typically Greg accepts new clients with a minimum portfolio of $500,000.

Greg acts as a coordinator with his clients’ attorneys and accountants in order to provide the client with the best possible service and information from a team of advisors.

For family offices, foundations and financial institutions Greg provides various forms of advisory support for their unique needs in the realm of applying creative approaches to new economic models and impact investing. Greg and his multidisciplinary team and network of consultants are uniquely positioned to help design financial innovation architectures, portfolio strategies, and public policy frameworks for economic development to sophisticated investors and institutions. Furthermore, Greg regularly offers consulting and strategic partnership services to a wide range of people from from angel investors and families to corporate executives and government leaders.